The New England Primer

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Category - Bible and Culture, The New England Primer


A Divine Song of Praise to GOD, for a Child,

by the Rev. Dr. Watts.HOW glorious is our heavenly King,
Who reigns above tha Sky!
How shall a Child presume to sing
His dreadful Majesty!

How great his Power is none can tell,
Nor think how large his grace:
Nor men below, nor Saints that dwell,
On high before his Face.

Nor Angels that stand round the Lord,
Can search his secret will;
But they perform his heav’nly Word,
And sing his Praises still.

Then let me join this holy Train;
And my first Off’rings bring;
The eternal GOD will not disdain
To hear an Infant sing.

My Heart resolves, my Tongue obeys,
And Angels shall rejoice,
To hear their mighty Maker’s Praise,
Sound from a feeble Voice.


The young INFANT’S or CHILD’S morning Prayer.

From Dr. WATTS.

ALMIGHTY God the Maker of every thing in Heaven and Earth; the Darkness goes away, and the Day light comes at thy Command. Thou art good and doest good continually.

I thank thee that thou has taken such Care of me this Night, and that I am alive and well this Morning.

Save me, O God, from Evil, all this Day long, and let me love and serve thee forever, for the Sake of Jesus Christ thy Son. AMEN. . .

Read the book at The New England Primer


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