Coming American CounterRevolution

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Category - Cultural War, Coming American CounterRevolution

The coming American counterrevolution

September 13, 2012 by Dr. Marshall Foster

“The coming American counterrevolution” was recently highlighted by the Washington Times. It predicts that the many years “of using government to address all national problems could be swept away in favor of less expensive, decentralized bureaucracy and greater personal freedom – the return to fundamental American values.”

History proves that this “American counterrevolution” will be successful to the extent that it is a return to the responsibilities and blessings of a God honoring civilization. These include civility, charity, self-government, personal freedom, and prosperity. This transformation would put us back on the road to a culture of life, rather than of death, of liberty rather than tyranny.

To understand America’s “pagan experiment” of the past generation, it is helpful to survey five deadly evils that have permeated all societies throughout history which have chosen to rebel against God. Ask yourself: which of these have crept into the western world today? . .

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