Do We Have Constitutional Rights?

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Category - Constitutional Issues, Do We Have Constitutional Rights?

I believe the question raised by this post and answer given is very profound. Constitutionalists have allowed the political, religious and educational establishments to do the following:

1) To focus more on the Constitution rather than the Declaration which is the nation’s birth certificate and Charter.

2) To describe political theory as the right verses the left rather than tyranny verse anarchy.

3) To deceive ourselves into believing the Constitution grants rights rather than exists to protect our unalienable rights.


Do we have Constitutional Rights?

 by Scott Strzelczyk                                                                                     From: A Citizens View


The idea that we have constitutional rights relies upon faulty logic and makes a mockery of
unalienable rights and other rights antecedent to the Constitution. It is common to hear someone utter the term “constitutional rights”. The term is nothing more than a colloquialism just as states’ rights is a colloquialism for states’ powers.

The formative thoughts and ideas to develop a written Constitution are encompassed in the Declaration of Independence. The reason for government is to better secure our unalienable rights. People exercise their unalienable right of association to form political societies. The transition from a state of nature to a civil society creates what we know as government. This transition requires that people give up some rights to better secure the remainder that they retain. Typically, the rights relinquished relate to interpersonal adjudication.


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