18th Century Constitution Holds Back Industry

Posted: May 8, 2013 in 18th Century Constitution Holds Back Industry, Category - Constitutional Issues

Online sales tax lobbyist: Constitution ’18th-century document,’ holding industry back

Posted By Betsi Fores On 4:44 PM 04/26/2013 In Daily Caller News Foundation | No Comments

As the debate over the merits of an online sales tax policy that would allow states to collect tax from vendors outside their state boundaries brews, a lobbyist for the National Retail Federation, a group supporting the proposed legislation, dismissed the United States Constitution as an “18th-century document.”

“The industry is evolving very rapidly, and the law today is a 20th-century interpretation of an 18th-century document that is holding back the entire retail industry as it adapts to 21st-century consumer preferences and demand,” David French, senior vice president for government affairs at the NRF, said in a statement provided to the Wall Street Journal. . .

Read more at The Daily Caller


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