Rethinking Bestality

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Category - Cultural War, Rethinking Bestality

The news just recently has been filled with the praise of homosexuals who are willing to come out of the closet and be “honest about who they are.” A low level basketball player has admitted that he is “gay.” Chris Broussard from ESPN has received tremendous grief for sharing his opinion that homosexual is a sin. The NFL is going to set up reeducation camps for NFL players.

The culture war is clearly heating up and the battle lines are being drawn. But homosexuality is merely the tip of iceberg. Here are two articles. The first article is merely an abstract. But from the abstract you can learn the article that bestiality is not a sin but merely a form of “interspecies sexual” activity.The author wants to claim that the animals in an interspecies sexual activity are victims because it involves coercion. Funny, I wonder how many animals he has interviewed.

The second is a sermon spoken in 1674 by Samuel Danforth.  The  event was “The Cry of Sodom Enquired Into; Upon Occasion of the Arraignment and Condemnation of Benjamin Goad, for His Prodigious Villany. (1674).”

These are examples of the cultural war of which we are a part.


Rethinking Bestiality: Towards a Concept of Interspecies Sexual Assault

  1. PIERS BEIRNE: University of Southern Maine, Portland, USA

Abstract: This paper seeks to introduce a view of bestiality which differs radically from both the anthropocentrism enshrined in the dogma of Judaeo-Christianity and also from the pseudo-liberal tolerance fashionable today. I argue that bestiality should be understood as `interspecies sexual assault’ because the situation of animals as abused victims parallels that of women and, to some extent, that of infants and children and further because (1) human-animal sexual relations almost always involve coercion; (2) such practices often cause animals pain and even death; and (3) animals are unable either to communicate consent to us in a form that we can readily understand or to speak out about their abuse. The paper offers a typology of interspecies sexual assault, including sexual fixation, commodification, adolescent sexual experimentation and aggravated cruelty.


The Cry of Sodom Enquired Into; Upon Occasion of the Arraignment and Condemnation of Benjamin Goad, for His Prodigious Villany. (1674)

Read the sermon The Cry of Sodom.


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