Bill Ayers Claims America is ‘Game Over.’

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Bill Ayers Claims America's is Game Over, Category - Cultural War

Fool! This little wannabe tin pot dictator becomes prominent by cowardly setting bombs. Who does that sound like? Then he is given a teaching position not because he is qualified but because he is a murderer. And now this pathetic excuse for a human being now prophetically declared America is Game Over. He like Obama and Islam have no idea how deep the love of family, faith and freedom burns within the breasts of hundreds of millions of patriotic Americans. He ignorance will be his down fall!


Bill Ayers to University Students: America’s ‘Game Is Over’ and ‘Another World’ Is Coming

May. 2, 2012 4:17pm

Bill Ayers spoke at the University of Oregon last week on the subject of teaching and organizing for “social justice.”  His speech was not free of the radical sentiments he is well-known for espousing (especially in the company of America’s youth). Case in point: he spoke of the end of America, a new world, and what our role ought to be in all of it. . .

Read more at America’s ‘Game Over.’


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