Election Solutions: The Bottom Line

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Category - Cultural War, Election Solution

As we face a pivotal election this fall, it is crucial for our future as a free people that we elect leaders who understand the key to America’s greatness: our Judeo-Christian common law tradition. More than 95% of people throughout history have been enslaved under tyrants’ law and have lived in misery, poverty and at the whim of an elite. We in the American tradition have been blessed with the only alternative to the tyrannical rulers’  law system. Tyrants’ law now governs Russia, China and much of the world today. America’s prosperity and entire societal structure and legal system were founded upon Scripture, as applied in our colonial charters, as summarized in the Magna Carta and as compiled in the Common Law of England in the 9th Century. Most Christians today know that the earliest believers worked to evangelize the world in the centuries after Christ. But many people are unaware that early believers also developed and promoted God’s Law as the only foundation for a civilization, including
civil government. These biblical foundations were especially cherished by the Celtic Christians in England, Scotland and Ireland from the 4th
century. The common man enjoyed self-government and happiness as never before.

But by the 9th century, the supposed “Christian” kings of England had compromised the self-governing, liberating Christianity built upon obedience to God’s law. By 877 A.D. all of these kings with their petty fiefdoms had been killed or captured by the marauding, blood-thirsty Viking armies of King Guthrum. His chief god was Oden, the god of war. It seemed that England was destined to be overrun. Even London fell to the invaders. . .

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