Atheists Petition Obama To Nix ‘God,’ Bible From Inauguration

() — Considering their left-of-center views on a plethora of issues, many atheist activists saw President Barack Obama as the lesser of two evils this election season. But their disdain for Mitt Romney wasn’t only limited to policy. When juxtaposed against Obama, the former Massachusetts governor is overwhelmingly more devout in his faith and its practice — something that served as a turnoff to many non-believers. Consider, as one anecdotal example, the anti-Mormon rhetoric that famed non-theist Richard Dawkins recently spewed on Twitter.

Now, in the wake of Obama’s victory, atheists are setting their sights on a popular American tradition — the inclusion of the Almighty in the official presidential oath. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist activist non-profit, sent a letter to Obama on Friday, urging the president to remove “God” from the proclamation.

“I write to respectfully ask you to re-examine the use of religion as a political tool in your second term as president,” wrote Andrew L. Seidel, an attorney with the group.

Read more at The Blaze.

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