Obama and John 3:16

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Category - Cultural War, Obama and John 3 16

The Obama cult is not merely strong and growing but becoming increasingly cultist. James Hickman, who is not officially associated with the DNC, has created another calendar (2013) starring President Obama. Each month presents a picture of the President and a statement to honor trying to some important personage or event.

The video below posted runs through each month’s “centerfold.” Many of the centerfolds are interesting but if you are a believer the most interesting month will be August which is the month of the President’s birthday. The centerfold consists of a picture of Obama’s certificate of live birth. At the bottom left are the words “Heaven sent” under which is found John 3:16. To the bottom right is a picture of Obama in the White House. According to Hickman the black “Jesus” has finally arrived in the form of Barak Hussein Obama. As Rush would say, “Hum, hum, hummm!”


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