Homosexuals Badgering Voters

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Category - Cultural War, Homosexuals Badgering Voters

According to an advocate of traditional marriage, things are getting nasty in Maryland amid a campaign to overturn the state’s homosexual “marriage” law.

Since the Maryland Marriage Alliance conducted a successful petition drive to get the measure on the November ballot, Chairman Derek McCoy tells OneNewsNow proponents of homosexual marriage are up to underhanded methods of coercion.
Derek McCoy (MMA)“On the people that actually signed the petition, they got the records from the Board of Elections,” he details. “And in addition to Google mapping them out, they have actually started going to people’s addresses and having conversations with people at the address to tell them that they are haters. [They] knock on their door and try and intimidate them to go the other way and give them their long story about their personal saga about their life selection.” McCoy says the homosexual activists are using “coarse intimidation” to try and change people’s minds so that they will vote against overturning the same-sex “marriage” measure. But he does not think it will work. “That gives even more reason for the people of Maryland to stand up, voice their opinion and make sure that their voice is heard loud and clear, as well as to make sure that they understand this is really about the First Amendment right,” he asserts. “It’s about making sure that we can continue to speak in the public square and have our voice … heard loudly.”

Still, homosexual activists are grasping at straws and trying everything they can “to intimidate people if they can’t win them fairly.”

Source: http://www.onenewsnow.com/culture/2012/08/16/homosexuals-intimidating-maryland-voters


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