Elias Boudinot

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Age of Revelation (Elias Boudinot), Category - Founders Writings

Thomas Paine because famous as the author of Common Sense, Crisis and The Age of Reason. Due to Paine’s arguments in The Age of Reason against Christianity, as he understood it, he has become one of the poster boys for Atheists and Deists. Atheists and Deists claim Paine is the real example of what the founding fathers believed to disavow the historical fact that America’s political system was based upon the moral system of the Bible.

Atheists and Deists also falsely claim that none of the founding fathers or those close to them ever disagreed with or tried to refute Paine’s arguments in The Age of Reason. The vast majority of the founding fathers openly rejected Paine’s The Age of Reason. Elias Boundinot took it one step further and actually wrote a rebuttal called The Age of Revelation in which he demolishes Paine’s arguments. This is a great read.

Title Page



Age Of Revelation

The Virgin Mary

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ

The Christian Theory Misrepresented, &c.

Particular Notes On This Subject

The Character of Christ

Resurrection and Ascension of Christ

The Authenticity of the Books of the New Testament

The Objections To the Old Testament, Considered

Person To Whom Made The Subject Matter of Revelation – And the Attestations Attending it in Confirmation of the Truth


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