First Principles

Posted: January 4, 2012 in First Principles

The First Principles of the Constitution.

This is a great article about the first principles which go to make up our present Constitution. A vast majority of the paper is devoted to the importance of  Civic virtue. Great reading.

“To our Founding Fathers it was obvious, or “self-evident,” that self-government, or a democratic republic, could only be perpetuated by the self-governed. Reflecting these precepts, a contemporary German writer to the Founders, J. W. von Goethe, stated: “What is the best government? — That which teaches us to govern ourselves.”22 And, a later, prominent 19th Century minister, Henry Ward Beecher, simply said: “There is no liberty to men who know not how to govern themselves.”23 Self-governance consists of self-regulation of our behavior, ambitions and passions. To this end, the Founders fundamentally believed that the ability to govern ourselves rests with our individual and collective virtue (or character).”

PDF: First Principles of the Constitution



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