Heart of 9-11-01

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Category - Cultural War, Heart of 9-11-01

By Bo Perrin

It happened to us on 9-11-01.  You know, I had heard stories from those who were alive when JFK was assassinated and I can remember that almost every person who told their story started by saying they could remember exactly where they were, what they doing and how they felt.  I used to say, “Yeah, right!”

That is until 9-11-01!

Now I empathize.  Since 9-11 our world has changed and not necessarily for the better.  We learned we really do have enemies who hate and are willing to die to kill us.  We lost some very precious freedoms under the guise of national security.  We learned first hand fear and dread!

Except for conspiracy theorists (don’t leave any messages) the American people accepted this attack as a Jihadist attack symbolically striking at the heart of our economy by striking downtown New York.  We honored those murdered by these religo-political villains by (1) striking militarily at those who either did or supported the act and (2) reading the names of each person who died whether victim or respondent and reliving their stories.

Now, we have a new President in the White House who knows not 9-11! In his crazed desire to remake the nation in his tyrannical image he has also decided to revisionately rewrite history in the best liberal tradition rivaling the Soviet Union!  Obama wants to water down if not outright remove the true meaning of 9-11-01 and in its place plant a day of service!

There are times for service and despite Obama’s low opinion of America and the American people, the American people are the most giving and service-oriented people the world over.  In fact, it has been proven that conservatives give far more than liberals.  We don’t need to turn 9-11 into a day of service whose sole purpose I believe is merely to provide Obama with a national opportunity to glorify the leftist groups to whom he owes his election.  Instead, we need truth!  9-11-01 is a day of truth.  The truth is Jihadist Islam hates America. They hate our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our unalienable rights which our Creator has given us and the greatest and freest country the world has ever seen.  But Obama, though, seems to have never met a Jihadist he did not like and would not cuddle.

We must maintain the truth of 9-11-01.






Friends this is what is about:  Our nation, our freedoms, our religion and our hopes!


Hoist the Colors! Aye, boys and girls, God is on our side and that is all we need.

  1. Ralph Spampanato says:

    Thanks for the raw photos that have been censored by our so called media. We need to be reminded often how we felt on that dreadful day. There is no better way than these photos. Thanks for posting.

    We shall never forget.

  2. Tiffany says:

    This is America, people who died that day were Americans- they were fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters….. to forget the event is criminal, to disensitize the tragedy is a sin!!

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