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Posted: July 9, 2009 in Category - Want to Live under Constitution?, Question

Wayne Shepherd: Today on the Public Square® a very important question for all Americans.  I’m Wayne Shepherd with our host Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable.  Dave, tell me what you’ve been thinking about.

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, we are doing something bold this week. I hope listeners and station managers will understand our true intentions. We are asking a question – a single question. It is one of the most important questions you and I will ever face. The first being – what is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ? The second following right after that – what is the relationship of my family to Jesus Christ?

After those two eternal questions I would submit that very close behind is a question you may never have thought about or barely thought about. It is a question that you may have never quite got from the back of your mind into words.

The question is: Do we as Americans still want to live under the Constitutional rule of law – or is it time to give up and start over?

Please permit me to explain. All of us have been raised to assume our basic civil rights are safe – that no one could ever stop us from speaking our mind, or earning a living, or taking care of our families, or worshipping as we please.

But the evidence no longer supports that assumption. There are people in power right now, in the US Congress and the Courts that don’t believe in the Constitution anymore. They don’t follow its principles or doctrines. They have decided it is time for change and they are busy making new rules.

So what are you going to do about it? So here is the question: Do you still want America to function under Constitutional law – or is it time to give up and start over?

If you care – we’d love to hear from you and your answer to the question.

WS: A bold and necessary question.  Thanks Dave.  And please take time to take the survey.  With Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable, I’m Wayne Shepherd and this is The Public Square®.

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