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Posted: July 9, 2009 in Category - Want to Live under Constitution?, Question 4

Wayne Shepherd: Welcome to this daily edition of The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable. I’m Wayne Shepherd.  And Dave, I’m beginning to think that there is a method to your madness.

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, we are making a statement this week. I know it’s not polite to shout on the radio, so we are trying repetition.

We mean no disrespect to our listeners but there seems to be no other way. Thirty years ago people warned us this day would come. For thirty years so many of us have looked the other way. Now we live in a country of wonderful people, most of whom went to schools where they never learned a lick about the Constitution, the Declaration or what it takes to stay free.

I went to some of those schools. I sat in those classes. I’ve talked to thousands of people who readily admit “they don’t know what they don’t know.” Now a group of people in power are taking advantage of our ignorance. They are passing laws in direct violation of the US Constitution and stripping people of their civil rights.

And we the people haven’t got a clue.

Wayne, we would like to send every listener a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution this week. We’d like everyone to see the rules of the game we all agreed to live by.

We’d like everyone to see what Congress is tearing apart and throwing away right now. Then you be the judge.  You decide. If you still want an America governed by the Constitution or are you ready to give up and let somebody else decide your liberties, your freedoms, your laws for you.

I pray you will log on, take the survey question: Do you still want to be governed by the Constitution? and request a copy of the Declaration and Constitution free of charge today.

WS: For Dave Zanotti,  I’m Wayne Shepherd. We’ll see you next time on The Public Square®

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