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Posted: July 9, 2009 in Category - Want to Live under Constitution?, Question 3

Wayne Shepherd: This is The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable and I’m Wayne Shepherd.   Dave, this week’s Public Square® is like the movie Groundhog Day.

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, it’s the same question all week. Do we the people still want to be governed by the US Constitution or is it time to give up and start over? Congress has already voted. They are making new rules everyday.

One of their new plans is a federal takeover of your healthcare. All of it – not just private insurance but every set of choices your doctors will make regarding your care will be approved or denied by federal bureaucrats.

So here is the question: Can you find that in the Constitution? Does it matter anymore?

Can you find the place where the US Congress is given the legal authority to run a massive portion of the free economy and determine who will live or die in America?

Living and dying is exactly what every other national health care plan across the world comes down to. The government decides who gets the care and who doesn’t.

Is that what the Constitution says? Do you still want a government run by the Constitution or is it time to give up?

This decision will happen in the next few months. That’s right – this isn’t some theoretical discussion. In the next few months Congress will take over your health care, or not.  It will take a few years before it’s all in place – but the decision will be made this year.

So are you ready to give up and let the politicians decide the rest?

WS: The correct answer: No. And if you agree with that answer, let us know even as you look for more information on our website.  With Dave Zanotti,  I’m Wayne Shepherd and join us next time on The Public Square®.

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