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Posted: July 9, 2009 in Category - Want to Live under Constitution?, Question 2

Wayne Shepherd: Welcome to the Public Square® with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable. I’m Wayne Shepherd still thinking about that penetrating question you posed yesterday, Dave.

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, I am asking the same question today of listeners all across America. Do you still want to live in a nation governed by the Constitution – or is time to give up and start over?

Congress is answering that question every day. They answered it when they broke the law and passed an illegal bill of attainder aimed at seizing the bonus money paid to AIG executives. The Constitution specifically bans Congress from going after individuals and punishing them without a fair trial. Congress trashed those words. They broke the law and said we dare you to sue us. Our friends in the Courts will back us up.

Funny thing about the whole AIG story is this: Congress twice passed measures to give the AIG execs their bonus money. Only when the bonuses hit the press did Congress suddenly hit the “outrage button” and immediately vote a 90% tax to take the money they gave AIG back again.

They didn’t think you care about such blatant hypocrisy. They think you will elect them all again in 2010. And they don’t think you care a bit about living as a nation of laws, not the whims of men. They don’t think we care or want to be governed by the Constitution anymore. They dare you to care.

So here’s the question.  Will you?

We are taking a simple survey this week. Do you still want to be governed by the Constitution? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

WS: I’d say we need to hear your thoughts.  Let’s get involved in this critical issue.  For Dave Zanotti,  I’m Wayne Shepherd and thanks for listening to The Public Square®.

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