The Question 5

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Category - Want to Live under Constitution?, Question 5

Wayne Shepherd: It’s Friday and we’ve been asking the same question all week long here on The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti. Well why should today be any different, Dave?

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, by now somebody is mad at us for daring to ask the same question five days in a row. I’m sorry.  Truth be told, we should ask this question every day for the rest of our lives.

Do we still want America to be governed by the Constitution or is it time to give up and start over?

Congress has already answered the question. They are issuing laws right now in direct defiance of the Constitution and daring us to do something about it. They don’t fear being sued in Court because Congress approved all the judges now sitting on the bench. They know their buddies in the Courts will back up the coup.

Seems the only thing left for Americans to do – if they still want to be a nation of laws and not the opinions of men – is to find a new Congress that will uphold the oath of office that Congress takes.

Every member of Congress swears on oath to protect and defend the Constitution. But many of them figure you don’t know that and are too busy to care if they break their oath. They are breaking it right now by creating unsustainable debt, bailouts, bills of attainder, and trying to take over your health care. And that’s just a start.

So if you care we sure would like to know. Together we can do something about this. It has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat. This is an American question – in fact this is THE American question – and we have no choice but to answer.  Do we still want to be governed by the Constitution or not?

Saying nothing, by the way, is the answer Congress hopes you’ll give.

By American Policy Roundtable (


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