Liberty Bell

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Category - Monuments and Buildings, Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell! The Bell is one of many physical artifacts which represent for Americans the freedom we enjoy both politically and religiously.  Of course, infidels argue America was not built upon Judeo-Christian values.  They would argue that the Constitution is not a religious document because it does not mention God but only religion negatively.  They would also argue that the Framers of the Constitution were primarily Deists so even if God is mentioned, like the Declaration of Independence, he never interfered in America’s life.

Infidels simply do not live in reality and nothing they argue could be further from the truth. Washington D.C. is filled with memorials, buildings and monuments in and on which references about God and Scripture have been inscribed in stone.

Liberty BellOne monument is the Liberty Bell. On the Liberty Bell is the statement, “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”  According to John Watson in his “Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the Olden Times” the recasting of the bell was done under the direction of Isaac Norris, Esq. to whom Watson attributes the famous phrase.  What many do not seem to realize is that the phrase is a quote from the Bible specifically Leviticus 25:10.  It is clear that Mr. Norris, if he is the individual who recast the bell, believed in the interaction of the Bible and American society.


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