Churches are Essential!

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Category - Cultural War, Churches are Essential!

The Alliance Defense Fund represented the Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church in East Helena when homosexual activists filed a complaint that the church had violated Montana’s election law.  The church circulated petitions in their assembly designed to encourage voters to vote for a amendment to the State constitution insuring that marriage is between a man and woman only.  The case went to court and on February, 2009 U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled in the church’s favor.  What was great interest to me is the concurring opinion. Judge John T. Noonan wrote:

“An unregulated, unregistered press is important to our democracy. So are unregulated, unregistered churches. Churches have played an important–no, an essential–part in the democratic life of the United States.”

The Founders and Framers would agree.  Especially, the Framers since it is they who devised the 1st amendment providing U.S. citizens protection from the government in the free exercise of their religion, speech and assembly.  The Framers did not want a National church nor do faithful Christians.  What the Framers devised for us is a marriage between faith and politics in which faith (Judeo-Christian values) are the conscience of politics.

Our forefathers grounded the heart and soul of this nation upon the Judeo-Christian values found in the Bible, proclaimed from the pulpits of faithful congregations and shared by Christians in small groups.  For this reason those whom God has entrusted with those values have as an essential a role in America’s education, policymaking and ethical formation as an unregulated and unregistered press.  Of course, since there are more Statist controled newspaper agencies than not these days then God’s voice from the pen and pulpit is that much more essential.  It is time to unchain God’s voice and let it be heard throughout BOTH the churches and the land of this great nation.


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