Unchain God’s Voice!

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Category - Cultural War, Unchain God’s Voice!

Those who know the true history of this nation realize the power of the pulpit and Judeo-Christian values in the political realm.  Those who initially discovered and settled this land did so combing Judeo-Christian values and civic government.  For over a hundred and fifty years our nation thrived with this combination while the Articles of Confederation was the law of the land.  Eventually, the extreme deficiencies of the Articles of Confederation were seen and there was a move to create our present Constitution.  The evidence overwhelmingly supports the argument that our Constitution is founded upon Judeo-Christian values and that the pulpit, from which these values were proclaimed, was one of the leading forces which led to the Constitution’s ratification and support.  Despite Liberal lies this has not changed.

Liberals have attempted, successfully I might add, to chill God’s voice from the pulpit concerning religo-political issues.  The Liberals’ main weapon is the 501 c3.  According to IRS regulations a church can lose its 501 3c status if the preacher engages in political discussion by supporting from the pulpit a particular issue or politician.  Clearly, this violates the First Amendment.  In fact, at this moment, it is being challenged.  Nevertheless, we continue to allow God’s voice to be chained and while I was researching our Spiritual Heritage I ran across the following image.  I apologize because I cannot remember where I found it.  If any one knows please let me know.

Weeping Eagle

Its time to force the unchaining of God’s voice from the pulpit.  Our nation is based on Judeo-Christian values and if this foundation is replaced America may still exist but it will not be the America created by our Founders and Framers.  It will be a nation void of the very principles which made this nation great!


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